Effects Of The Overactive Bladder Condition And Its Treatment


The condition by which individuals get to have an urgent need to urinate and sometimes leaking the urine is referred to as overactive bladder (OAB)the condition is not a disease but it is affecting a lot of individuals.

What you need to know about overactive bladder?

The overactive bladder condition is known to affect both male and female gender although statistics show that more women are affected by this condition than the men.

There are several symptoms that will tell you that you have the overactive bladder condition some of this symptoms are as follows.

The leaking of urine that is cause by overactive bladder is usually referred to as incontinence this sometimes happens even when the individual is not aware or cannot control it.

In the whole population of the individuals who are suffering from the overactive bladder condition very few of them actually seek for help, this is attributed y the fact that they think it’s only them who have the problem, others fail to tell the problem because they want it to remain a secret while others it is just because they are ashamed of this condition.

Those people who suffer he overactive bladder condition are always asked to seek medical help since the condition is easily treated but this sometimes fails due to the believes people hold that the condition cannot be treated making a lot of people not to ask for help.

One of the ways the overactive bladder affects the social life of the individual is the fear it places on the ongoing out with maybe friends the assumption is that the place might not be having washrooms and thus thy will be in trouble, this makes that to avoid such places, one of the other way that affects them is keeping them busy and unsettled as they are heading to the washrooms.

One of the major problems that faces individuals when are suffering from the condition of overactive bladder is that they get to have a lot of sleepless nights this is due to the numerous time they keep on walking out to go to the bathroom.

The common treatment of the overactive bladder is surgery and also use of drugs, the fact that age especially in women should not make one to assume the condition since it can really affect the life of the individual.

The other type of treatments that is used to cure the overactive bladder condition is such as the bladder training, this is where the individual is trained how to control the need to pass urine individuals are also advised to have a moderate intake of fluids to reduce the condition. Get further info at Monalisa Charlotte.

To know more, visit – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overactive_bladder



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